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Our forestry consulting business can help you improve production and save money by providing the following services:

  • Timber inventories - essential for:
    • bidding on timber sales
    • purchasing forested land
    • collateral for bank loans 
    • marketing tool for cutting timber to maximize profit 
    • information needed for substantial money savings on your federal and state income taxes 

  • Timber marking - calculate the volume, grade, and value of marked trees.
  • Harvest boundary lines painted or flagged in using the most accurate non-military GPS equipment currently available.
  • Mapping and acreage calculation using aerial & satellite imagery and GIS software.
  • Inventory Control Planning - prepare & update timber harvest plans on a weekly, monthly, &/or annual basis. Allocate your inventory of cutting contracts by location, date of expiration, cash invested to-date, and best time & market conditions for logging.
  • Land valuation for bank loans by establishing the true fair market value of your forested property - increase your loan capability.
  • Timber tax and Form T preparation - receive large tax savings- post accounting reports for all timber sale transactions to ensure you receive the best tax advantage.

Metcalfe Forestry Co. is a fully insured and registered forest consulting company based out of Grayling, Michigan. We currently employ a staff of two professional foresters, a full time office manager. and are affiliated with other forestry specialists throughout the USA.

We have worked for logging companies, private landowners, hunt clubs, non-profit organizations, and have done extensive contract work for the Michigan DNR, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, various forest industries and other consulting forester's since 1998. Having worked cruising & marking on most Michigan DNR districts, we understand how the state determines timber volume and can estimate how much overrun or under run to expect.


Much of our work involves setting up and selling timber sales, which requires extensive knowledge of forest ecosystems, timber values, and inventory methods.

If you are getting bank loans on you timberlands, make sure your bank knows the true asset value (timber value along with bare land value). Make sure you are not over collateralized. Ensure you are not paying too much tax and file your timber taxes correctly with us. We are affiliated with Burns Timber Tax Services and are able to give you large tax savings on your federal and state income tax.

All information shared with or collected by Metcalfe Forestry Co. is considered strictly confidential. It is privileged to the client and not divulged to any other entity unless information is released in writing by the client.

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