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Small Wood Lot Management

Small Wood Lot Management

For Landowners who have small scale timber harvests that may not be commercially viable.

      Cutting timber on a small scale is not economically viable for most loggers in the NLP. This can be frustrating for land owners who want to have their small scale properties managed. To help alleviate this problem, Metcalfe Forestry is now connecting land owners with loggers who may be working in their area on larger projects, or smaller loggers for whom harvesting smaller sales would be economically viable.

What We Provide

     With our referral program we provide a list of land owners who have small scale harvests that need to be done. We list the general location where the property is located and what the land owner desires to have done to the property. Unlike larger scale operations we do not provide marking of timber. We also do not put the timber up for bid, but rather connect landowner and logger together so that they can negotiate an agreement.

Important Note:

     Land owners need to be aware that they are not going to receive top dollar for their timber. It costs

     loggers considerable  money to operate their equipment and unless they are already logging in the area it 

     simply is not profitable to cut small scale timber harvests.


     We charge landowners a one time fee of $100.00 to post their property on our website.

     We charge timber buyers a one time fee of $200.00 if they sign a contract with one of the small woodlot owners found on our website.


ID Number County # of acres Timber Type Client Desires Notes
ID Number County # of acres Timber Type Client Desires Notes
81601 Otsego 15 Large Diameter White Pine sawtimber Wishes to open up the canopy to improve habitat for deer. Does not want a clear-cut but is ok with a heavy cut that will regenerate new trees. This is a dense stand of mature, large diameter white pine. The sale access is good. The south end of the property is wet. There is a power line that runs through the stand.
81602 Montmorency Scattered patches of mature aspen sawtimber Landowner sees aspen timber dying and going to waste, wants to improve habitat for deer Property was previously clearcut and scattered small patches of mature aspen were left. Aspen is good quality sawtimber. Acreage and timber of aspen patches is unknown.
81603 Crawford 22+ Lowland & Upland areas. Aspen, red maple, oak, spruce and fir. Wants to harvest dying timber which is going to waste and wants to improve habitat for deer. Lowland areas; cut budworm infested spruce and fir and overmature aspen. Upland areas; cut overmature aspen and oak and poor quality red maple. Mature white pine stand could use a light thinning. Good access.
81604 Crawford 13 Aspen Wants to clear cut some timber in order to regenerate aspen and improve habitat for wildlife. Upland areas near road; harvest only aspen. Clearcut lowland conifers near SE corner of 20 acres. Landowner has more acres of swamp he would like to cut but it may be too wet.
81605 Charlevoix 13+ Over mature Aspen and Northern Hardwoods Wants to harvest dying aspen and selectively cut the hardwoods so that the remaining forest is healthy The terrain and buffer zone around the streams will reduce the harvest to 13 acres. Driveway is paved and should be used in the winter to prevent damage. Landowner has experienced numerous timber harvests on other properties.
81606 Crawford 30 Cedar Swamp with good quality sawlogs Wants to harvest most of the white cedar sawtimber on the property. Landowner has experienced a timber harvest before and understands the difficulties cutting in a swamp. The cedar swamp on this property was strip cut back in 2003. Landowner wants to have remaining cedar sawtimber and leave the smaller trees. Numerous good quality cedar logs on the east side of the property.
101607 Otsego aspen, red maple, balsam fir Landowner wants to harvest dying timber to improve habitat for deer. Landowner understands that aspen must be clear-cut to regenerate. Aspen and balsam fir is blowing over and dying. Merchantable timber is located between swamp and upland fields. White cedar is blowing down in places.
101608 Crawford 15 Jack Pine Landowners are tired of cleaning up dead trees. Would like to combine their acreage to attract a logger to cut down the mature jack pine. Keep other species and young jack pine. There are several neighboring 10 acre lot owners with over mature jack pine that is dying. There are a few other tree species but not many. Good access.

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